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Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC)

The Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC) educates students for leadership roles in local and international settings with a focus on cultural competency and strengthening and developing communities.  Our curriculum calls for students to learn about their own values and belief systems as well as the values and belief systems of others. Cultural competency is developed when students are able to integrate this knowledge into their practice of leadership.

ELLC Peer Mentors are our returning upperclassmen who provide supprt, coaching and assist in the development of first year students.  They are emerging leaders in our program.  For more information on Peer Mentors including how to apply follow the link to the right..  

The community built by ELLC students though our classes and living together on the residence floors, creates relationships that last a lifetime.  But to hear about our program in our own student's words see "What Our ELLC Students Are Saying" in the link on ther right.

For our course descriptions and class offerings please follow the links on the right for more information.

The ELLC provides students with academic knowledge of leadership, leadership skills and competencies and serves as a laboratory for experimentation in a range of leadership situations.  Students in this program are required to take two classes each semester combining for 4 credit hours.