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Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program

The Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program (CLSP) educates students for leadership roles in local and international settings and is designed for students with a desire to work for social change and have a positive impact on the lives of others.



The CLSP is looking for students with an interest in:

  • Social responsibility and citizenship
  • Exploring complex social problems utilizing collaborative processes
  • Understanding that leadership is about more than position and power
  • Applying various modes of inquiry and knowledge to the academic study of leadership
  •  Exercising moral judgment, imagination and courage in the practice of leadership
  •  Building a sense of community among leadership students at Kittredge Central in order to strengthen the undergraduate community at CU-Boulder

Our curriculum teaches students the ways in which institutions and communities solve problems and the different leadership styles needed to work effectively in each setting. Students also learn that today's effective leaders integrate public service and the principles of social justice in their lives and careers.

In addition to studying theory, our courses utilize inventories and questionnaires to help students identify their leadership strengths and qualities. We also explore ways to work more effectively with others by learning about various cultures and communities.  Service learning projects compliment the academic content of the classes.

The residential feature of the CLSP offers students great opportunities to interact in the classroom and on their Kittredge Cental residence hall floor. Students quickly create a supportive, tight-knit community that helps them adjust to life at CU.

The CLSP provides students with academic knowledge of leadership, leadership skills and competencies and serves as a laboratory for experimentation in a range of leadership situations.  Students in this program are required to take 3 credit hours of LDSP classes per semester.