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Leadership RAP

One Leadership RAP,  Two Studies Programs

Both Studies Programs, the Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program (CLSP) and the Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC), enable students to understand how institutions and communities solve problems and learn about the different leadership styles needed to work effectively in a variety of settings. As an essential element of their study, students learn about their own values and belief systems as well as the values and belief systems of others.  Culturally competent leadership develops when students are able to integrate the knowledge of self and others into their practice of leadership.  Students and instructors work to recognize that building community, collaboration, ethical reflection, respect and valuing diversity are hallmarks of contemporary leadership practice.  The RAP Learning Community design includes:  small personalized classes; leadership summits; educational and social events and community engagement and networking

The CLSP is for students who want to make a positive impact on the lives of others.  Students also explore ways to work more effectively in diverse groups and environments by:  learning about various cultures and communities; exploring the influence of culture on our daily lives and beginning to develop the skills necessary to become successful leaders.   

The ELLC Program provides an opportunity for students to engage in an intentional multicultural leadership community in the residence hall and in classes. In community, students experience and learn about both the influence of culture on our daily lives and the skills necessary to become successful leaders in diverse groups and environments.     

All majors are a good match for our program!

Being in the Leadership RAP is more than just a residential experience. As an academic program at the university, our classes share the same academic rigor of classes across campus. You can find a current list of all Leadership RAP classes and descriptions in the CU Course Catalog located at  Courses specific to studies programs and their descriptions may be found through links on your right.  Housing in our RAP is dependent upon LDSP classes being taken both semesters.  Students across all schools and majors have achieved both the Certificate and the Minor in the Study and Practice of Leadership.    



NOTE:  Engineering and Business majors do need to plan carefully to optimally combine their major course credits with Leadership RAP course credits.  For example, students may need to adjust the semester that major courses are taken to accommodate Leadership courses. We have developed the following documents for these students to show how they can best combine RAP program courses with the rest of their degree plan.




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I am an Engineering Major.docx