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Leadership RAP

One Leadership RAP,  Two Studies Programs

Study leadership from a multicultural and global perspective. Program details:

  • Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program (CLSP):
    Leadership development with an emphasis on civic responsibility and community service. Students explore their roles and responsibilities in society, including the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership.
  • Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC):
    Provides a multicultural living and learning experience and the opportunity to study leadership from a multicultural and global perspective through small class sizes, leadership summits, social and educational events, academic excellence, and networking.


What majors are a good match for our program?

We are open to students from all majors across campus;  acknowledging that those in Business and Engineering may find our program requirements challenging. Being in the Leadership RAP is more than just a residential experience. As an academic program at the university, our classes share the same academic rigor of classes across campus. Housing in our RAP is dependent upon our classes being taken both semesters.

The Leadership RAP has a great history of supporting both Business and Engineering students in the RAP with many of these students achieving the Certificate in the Study & Practice of Leadership.  Please look at the following documents for Business and Engineering to see how our program can work with your degree plan.

I am an Business Major.docx

I am an Engineering Major.docx