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There are four different pathways on campus for earning the Certificate in the Study & Practice of Leadership:

  1. Leadership Residential Academic Program
  2. Presidents Leadership Class
  3. The INVST Community Leadership Program
  4. Reserve Officers Training Corps Programs

Pathway Requirements:

Leadership Residential Academic Program  

Open admission to the RAP
LDSP 1000–Foundations of 21st Century Leadership (3 credit hr)
LDSP 2410-Dynamics of Privilege, Oppression and Empowerment in Leadership (3 credit hr), previously LDSP 2400 Power, Privilege & Oppression in Contemporary U.S. Society.
LDSP 2910Service Practicum (1 credit hr)
LDSP 1571Topics in Leadership (1 credit hr)
1 approved lower-division elective (3 credit hr)
1 hour of additional, approved, upper-division course work is required. Students may petition to have a course count as a leadership elective
LDSP 3100Multicultural Leadership (3 credit hr) *Note ETHN 3201 and INVS 3100 will NOT count for the Certificate.
LEAD 4000 Capstone Class (4 credit hr)
Internship in major or leadership field with prior approval from Leadership RAP director; 144 hours (credit or noncredit)

Mimimum TOTAL CREDIT HOURS = 18 with a 3.0 GPA

Presidents Leadership Class

Complete a minimum of 9 hours of lower-division PRLC courses.
PRLC 1810
PRLC 1820
PRLC 2820
A minimum of 7 hours of upper-division PRLC coursework
PRLC 3810
LEAD 4000
3 hours of additional, approved, upper-division coursework. Students may petition to have a course count as a leadership elective.

Participation in practica and/or internships may be built into courses or offered for credit outside of courses.
Mimimum TOTAL CREDIT HOURS = 19 with a 3.0 GPA

INVST Community Leadership Program

Selection criteria govern admissions
2.5 minimum GPA required for admittance
2 required theory courses, 4 required skills seminars, plus community-based service-learning experiences (18 credits)
6 hours per week of community service during each of 2 academic years
Senior Capstone Course called the Community SOL (Serving - Organizing - Leading) Project ( INVS 4931 & 4932)


Reserve Officers Training Corps Programs

Admission to CU-Boulder and ROTC required (Some courses open to all CU-Boulder students)
Required summer field training program(s)
48 required courses in ROTC (1222 hours)
A minimum of 15 hours of upper-division courses must be included
Additional courses from Recommended Leadership Courses to complete the 18 hour requirement
Senior Capstone Course and/or Project (4 hours)

Mimimum TOTAL CREDIT HOURS = 18 with a 3.0 GPA