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The Capstone Course is required for both the Certificate in Leadership and the Leadership Studies Minor.

The capstone course is designed to synthesize the leadership work students have completed during their undergraduate studies. Together with the program's faculty, each student will design a format that demonstrates his cumulative learning and development and reflects his leadership abilities. Like oral examinations at the graduate level, these courses are an opportunity for each student to present a body of work that demonstrates what they have learned as they address some of the critical questions associated with leadership development and their role as a leader in the 21st century.

The Capstone Course can be identified as LEAD 4000, and previous to Spring 2015 as LDSP 4010 or PRLC 4010 on the pathway requirements chart.

In this course students will be confronting leadership issues across disciplines. Leadership studies are multidisciplinary and students need to know how to assess research and writing from different perspectives, this class is meant to introduce students to the wide variety of critical issues in leadership.

Critical thinking is fundamental to leadership competency; leaders must be skillful at collecting information and making judgments. Students read, discuss and write critical evaluations of contemporary leadership theory from an ethical, military, community building and business perspective.

The capstone course is a culminating seminar that requires students to:

  • Integrate leadership topics and experiences students have pursued through the Leadership Studies Minor;
  • Use advanced critical thinking skills to evidence knowledge, competencies and skills related to leadership theory and practice through examining contemporary leadership challenges;
  • Justify decision-making processes that demonstrate the ability to synthesize prior knowledge to effect desirable, ethical outcomes;
  • Complete a leadership challenge project.


Leadership RAP students desiring to complete a capstone must enroll in their senior year after taking LDSP 3100. If space is still available after seniors have enrolled, juniors who have taken LDSP 3100 will be allowed to enroll.  Students are encouraged to submit their Leadership ePortfolio prior to the beginning of the semester in which they intend to receive credit.