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Approved Electives

Lower Division Electives


Course Number

Course Title

AIRR 1010/1020

Foundations of the U.S. Air Force 1/2

COMM 1300

Public Speaking

COMM 1600

Group Interaction

COMM 2400

Discourse, Culture and Identities

ETHN 2014

Themes in American Culture Since 1865

ETHN 2232

Contemporary African American Social Movements

GEEN 1400

Engineering Projects

GEEN 1510

Self-Management & Leadership Principles 1

GEEN 1520

Self-Management & Leadership Principles 2

GEOG 1992

Human Geographies

GEOG 2412

Environment and Culture

HIST 1010

Western Civilization I: From Antiquity to the 16th Century

HIST 1020

Western Civilazation II: From the 16th Century to the Present

HONR 1810

Honors Diversity Seminar

HONR 2250

The Ethics of Ambition

HUMN 2145

African America in the Arts

INVS 1000

Responding to Social and Environmental Problems through Service Learning

INVS 1523

Civic Engagement: Using Democracy as a Tool for Social Change

LDSP 2820/PRLC 2820

Multilevel Issues in Leadership

LDSP 2920

Leadership Practicum II

MILR 1011/1021

Adventures in Leadership

MILR 2031/2041

Methods of Leadership and Management

NAVR 1010

Introduction to Naval Science

NAVR 2020

Seapower and Maritime Affairs

PHIL 1200

Philosophy & Society

PHIL 2140

Environmental Justice

PHIL 2290

Philosophy & Women

PSCI 1101

The American Political System

PSCI 2004

Survey of Western Political Thought

PSCI 2012

Intro/Comparative Politics

PSCI 2106

Introduction to Public Policy Analysis

PSYC 2606

Social Psychology

SOCY 1001

Intro to Sociology

SOCY 2011

Contemporary Social Issues and Human Values

WMST 2050

Gender and Comtemporary Culture

WMST 2400

History of Women and Social Activism

WRTG 1150-790

Only classes taken through the Leadership RAP

ARSC 1080-760

Only classes taken through the Leadership RAP


Upper Division Electives


Course Number

Course Title

AIRR 4010

National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty

AIRR 4020

National Security Forces in Contemporary America

ANTH 4180

Anthropological Perspectives: Contemporary Issues

ANTH 4500

Cross Cultural Aspects of Socioeconomic Development

ANTH 4560

North American Indian Acculturation

ANTH 4910

Teaching Anthropology

BCOR 3000

Business Law, Ethics, and Public Policy

COMM 4930

Senior Internship

ECON 3545

Environmental Economics

ECON 4211

Economics of the Public Sector

ECON 4292 / GEOG 4292

Migration, Immigrant Adaptation, and Development

ECON 4545

Environmental Economics

ECON 4626

The Economics of Inequality and Discrimination

ECON 4939


ECON 4999

Economics in Action:  A Capstone Course

EMEN 4030

Project Management Systems

EMEN 5050


ENGL 3267

Women Writers

ENGL 3377

Topics in Multicultural Literature

ENGL 3930


ENGL 3940

Service Learning Practicum

ENVD 3100

Environment and Behavior

ENVD 4764

 Special Topics: Theory and Critisn in Enviromental Design

ENVS 4800

Critical Thinking in Environmental Studies

ESBM 3700

Entrepreneurial Environments

ETHN 3015

Asian/Pacific American Communities

ETHN 3136

Chicana Feminisms and Knowledges

ETHN 4306

The Chicana and Chicano in the United States Social Systems

ETHN 4652

Contemporary Issues in African American Studies

ETHN 4672

Seminar on the Civil Rights & Black Power Movements

ETHN 4951

Senior/Graduate Seminar in Ethnic Studies

ENVS 4027

Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment

FILM 3501

Film Production Management

GEEN 3400

Invention and Innovation

GEOG 3742

Place, Power and Contemporary Culture

HIST 4021

Athens and Greek Democracy

HONR 2250

The Ethics of Ambition

HONR 3004

Women in Education

IAFS 4930

International Affair Internship

INVS 3000

Innovative Approaches to Contemporary Issues through Service Learning

INVS 3302

Facilitating Peaceful Community Change

INVS 3932

The Community Leadership Internship

INVS 3402

Implementing Social and Enviromental Change

INVS 4732

Critical Thinking in Development

INVS 4932

Community Leadership in Action

INVS 4999

Teaching Social Justice

JOUR 4301

Media Ethics and Professional Practice

JOUR 4321

Media Institutions and Economics

JOUR 4331

Women and Popular culture

LGBT 3796

Queer Theory

MGMT 3030

Critical Leadership Skills

MGMT 4040

Individual, Team and Organizational Development

MILR 4072/4082

Officer Leadership and Development

MUSC 4908

Internship in Music Business

MUSC 4918

 Your Music Career

NAVR 3020

Naval Operations and Seamanship

NAVR 3101

Evolution of Warfare

NAVR 4010

Leadership and Management

NAVR 4020

Leadership and Ethics

PHIL 3100

Ethical Theory

PHIL 3140

Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3160


PHIL 3180

Critical Thinking: Contemporary Topics

PHIL 3260

Philosophy and the International Order

PRLC 3810

Global Issues in Leadership

PSCI 3011

The American Presidency

PSCI 3031

Political Parties and Interest Groups

PSCI 3041

The American Congress

PSCI 3163

American Foreign Policy

PSCI 4732

Critical Thinking in Development

PSCI 4938

Internship in Government

PSYC 4553

Women's Mental Health  

PSYC 4911

Teaching of Psychology

PSYC 4931

Field Placement Internship

SLHS 4918

Introduction to Clinical Practice

SOCY 3141

Social Movements in the U.S.

SOCY 4111

Nonviolent Social Movements

SOCY 4911

Teaching Sociology

SOCY 4931

Internship in Sociology

WMST 3930

Women Studies Internship