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Leadership Certificate

For the past decade, institutions of higher education throughout the United States have developed a wide range of leadership programs. On some campuses this has taken the form of an academic major or minor, while on others there has been an expansion of extracurricular leadership opportunities. Following a careful study of exemplary programs throughout the country, the University of Colorado Boulder is offering a Certificate in the Study and Practice of Leadership to all students on campus.

The Certificate in the Study and Practice of Leadership is based on three assumptions:

  • Our society is in need of more and better leaders.
  • Effective leadership skills can be taught and learned at the university and in the community.
  • The university environment is a strategic and appropriate setting for mastering leadership skills both through study and in practice.

A Certificate in the Study and Practice of Leadership can enhance the undergraduate experience and better prepare students both as citizens and leaders in whatever profession they might seek to enter. The program recognizes the need for individuals to take leadership roles in all professions and sectors of society. It is the belief of the program that leadership can be learned in formal classes, community-based leadership experiences, mentoring and internship settings, as well as through a range of simulated leadership activities.