What is next for Multicultural Social Justice Leadership (formerly ELLC & CLSP) now that the Leadership RAP is closed?

The Leadership Residential Academic Program (RAP) was the home of two outstanding studies programs, the Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program (CLSP) and the Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC) which study leadership through the lens of social justice.  June 15, 2017 is the termination date for this program.

Here is what we know about the future of our Multicultural Social Justice Leadership classes continuance in the School of Education, under CU Engage http://www.colorado.edu/cuengage for fall 2017.

UPDATE:  3/23/2017 Many of you have been asking for an update on what is happening with the closing of our Leadership RAP and what we have been working on for you with our classes.  As of now the RESIDENTIAL part of our program is gone.  There will be no residential hall associated with the classes.  However, as CU Engage was very invested in having our Multicultural Social Justice Leadership Pathway to the Leadership Minor maintained.  We are working to see which of our classes will be taught next year and how they will be listed.  These classes will mirror our Leadership RAP classes for the Multicultural Social Justice Leadership Pathway.

To this end, the School of Education and the Quigg Newton Chair have put together funding for what now looks to be:
LEAD 1100 - Foundations of 21st Century Leadership
LEAD 2410 - Dynamics of Priviledge, Oppression and Empowerment in Leadership
EDUC 2910 - First Year Practicum
EDUC 2920 - Peer Mentor Practicum
INVS 3100  - Multicultural Leadership
We are working to retain this pathway as a LEAD Alliance program (like the ELLC) and help develop a sense of community.  There will be no living component.   We have been, and will continue to, solicit ideas from current students, alumni, staff and faculty.  If you have ideas and input, please let us know!

Update 11/3/2016:  After 16 years as a Leadership RAP on the Boulder campus, both the CLSP and the ELLC are planned for discontinuance as of May 2017.  They state that we are too expensive.  We will be appealing the decision, as we know the leadership RAP experience has been an essential part of so many students’ academic, interpersonal and personal development.  We have had many students, particularly in the ELLC let us know, over the years, that without the program, they would have left CU Boulder and they would not be the person they are today.  Although the university states that “The Ethnic Living and Learning Community that is affiliated with the Leadership RAP has been identified as clearly in alignment with the university’s priorities and will continue into the future”.  The following is what we have been told about the ELLC’s continuance.

Q; Please let us know what the notice of the ELLC continuing entails in terms of our work.  Will the ELLC remain a RAP? 
A:  The ELLC will continue as an LLC not as a RAP.  As with the other LLCs currently on campus (for example, the Hallett Diversity LLC, Be First LLC), the students will live together in the same residence hall and engage in residence hall activities that reinforce a particular academic or special-interest theme.  In fact, the ELLC started as an LLC without a RAP overlay. 

Q:  Will any of the current staff or faculty be involved in the ELLC? 
A:  No, Student Affairs will be involved as it is with several other LLCs.

Q:  Will the ELLC stay under UE? 
A:  No, the ELLC will not be part of Undergraduate Education just as no other LLC sits within UE.

Q:  Will there be LDSP classes associated with the ELLC? 
A:  No, as with other LLCs, classes will not be associated with it.  The ELLC students will be encouraged to sign up for a freshman seminar.

Q:  What else do we need to know regarding this ‘continuation’?  What programming will be available to students?  Who will be in charge of this 'continuation'?
A:  As with other LLCs, there will be no charge to participate in the ELLC.  So students in the ELLC will no longer pay the $850 RAP fee. 

So from from the information that we have been given, you can tell that the ELLC program that has been part of the Leadership RAP for 16+ years will not be continuing, nor is it associated in any way with the the Lucile B. Buchanan Living and Learning Community, and Multicultural Perspectives community in Hallett Hall.  The RAP's mission of incorporating complementary multicultural college courses within the residence hall will not be transferring to Hallett Hall.  Unfortunately the CLSP will not be continuing in any capacity.

For those of you working towards your Leadership Studies Minor degree, this will not mean you are stranded.  There are many courses across campus that will fulfill your class requirements for the Leadership Studies Minor.  Check for the LSM website for that information.  Also, know that you can always track your progress in the degree audit.  You may contact them at edadvise@colorado.edu.

As we have always shared, we are here to help you all develop into the most effective multicultural leaders you can be.