The Leadership Residential Academic Program (RAP) is the home of two outstanding studies programs, the Chancellor's Leadership Studies Program (CLSP) and the Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership Studies Program (ELLC) which study leadership through the lens of social justice.

Our RAP focuses on the study and practice of leadership for the purpose of educating culturally competent leaders who champion an ethic of civic and social responsibility. 

Our programs give students the skills to:

  • Strengthen citizen problem-solving roles
  • Understand how institutions and communities solve problems and the different leadership styles needed to work effectively in each setting
  • Build a sense of community in the classroom and Leadership RAP events
  • Expand conceptions of leadership beyond the context of position and power
  • Promote social responsibility and citizenship, emphasizing the development of community leaders for all sectors of society
  • Explore complex social problems utilizing collaborative processes
  • Apply various modes of inquiry and knowledge to the study and practice of leadership
  • Exercise moral judgment, imagination, and courage in the practice of leadership